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So, it’s been a bit since I’ve done a pregnancy update, huh? Tomorrow marks 14 weeks, but since the pic I’ve got is from the middle of week 12, this is sort of a combined update. Check out the bump on the beach (ignore the windblown hair):

I’m feeling pretty good as I start Trimester #2. Still sleepy pretty much all the time, but not AS sleepy as I was before. I spend a lot of time like this, still, though:

Tinycat is an excellent nap partner.

Still no puking, but I feel the general queasiness has increased. Everything makes me want to gag. Getting some of my own hair in my mouth? Gag. A seatbelt touching my neck? Gag. Trying to wear a scarf? Gag. Brushing my teeth? Gag. Even the sheets and blanket touching my neck in bed? Gag. It’s super fun.

Though I’ve written about struggling to get the calories and protein level recommended by my multiples pregnancy book, I’m gaining weight right on schedule. About 14 pounds, for those of you keeping track at home. It’s a weird thing to be cheering myself on for every extra glass of milk I drink and pound I gain, but I want nice big, healthy twins, so I’m doing it.

The reality of TWO BABIES seems to sink in more and more as my belly grows and grows, and we’re starting to think about all the stuff we need for the twins. One of our big concerns is that we might need a bigger car. We have a 6 year old Pontiac Vibe and are a one-car family. We’re a little concerned that my tall husband won’t be able to scoot his seat back far enough to drive with a carseat behind him, and not sure our backseat is big enough to have one seat behind the passenger and one seat in the middle. We really need to get some carseats and just try it, but we’re researching cars and trying to figure out what we need, and stressing out a little bit. How do you know what kind of car you need? Do I really have to get a minivan? How the heck are we going to afford these kids?

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  1. You look lovely, mama. No one would know you were actually gagging in those pictures. We are debating a mini van or suburu outback or something bigger as our truck is at death’s door. Our cars are 10 and 20 years old, and the 20 yr old truck is leaking oil like crazy. I’ve thought about just doing one car, but Jed isn’t for it. How does it work for y’all?


    1. Becca– Having one car has worked pretty well for us the past 3 years. It helps especially that we live only a mile from where Jon works, so even if his bike gets a flat or something, he can walk home. And it’s not entirely unreasonable for me to drop him off at work, even in my pjs, because it’s so close. I’ve also got an extremely flexible schedule as a grad student, so that helps, and we’ve gotten shameless about bumming rides when the other one has the car. It’s a rare occasion when we both need motorized transport at conflicting times, though we’ve run into one month that might be trouble, with Jon working at a different hospital for a month where he won’t be able to bike. He’s going to try to take the bus.


  2. You definitely don’t have to go the mini van route – lots of options out there! Also, start keeping an eye out for big consignment sales in your area – they will have some of the baby “gear” you need (bouncers, high chairs, toys, clothes, etc) at reasonable prices and if you go early you can get stuff that looks new (in fact, lots of the clothes I buy for Grace Ann still have tags!) You can also watch for coupons/deals/sales on everyday essentials like diapers, diaper cream, lotion, bath wash, wipes, etc and stock up over the next few months before the babies arrive. You can never really have too much of that type stuff.


  3. There’s so much to think about… Having never had children, I’ve only ever observed the worries and joys of others, but I wouldn’t stress too much now. Take things in stride, think it all through and have a cookie to celebrate – you look thrilled and your babies will be beautiful!

    I bet Tinycat is feeling sympathy sleepiness – lucky cat ;)


  4. My cousin got several (nice!) things at consignment shops for half of the normal price, including a bouncer, car seats for both girls, bumbos, etc here in Hot Springs so I know there are some in LR! You look so lovely!!! I still can’t believe you’re having twins!?! SO excited for you!!! :)


  5. you are growing along quite well!

    i haven’t had kids so take all i say with a grain of salt but i am pretty much the last of my friends who doesn’t have a bunch of littles in the household so i’ve learned/observed from afar. your friends’ recommendations for the consignment sales are right on. they are becoming quite popular all over, usually at least 2-4 times per year.

    the majority of moms tell me that they happily buy things like this at consignment sales: clothing, strollers, bouncy-seats, swings, bumbo seats. the majority of them advise to avoid purchasing carseats there because of the expiration dates & such. (most of them advise buying carseats new for safety reasons … i cannot confirm or deny whether that is correct but i am passing along!)

    of course, you may not want some of the things above (because we all know that the baby industry is almost as bad as the wedding industry on telling you that you MUST have A, B, C, D, & Z or the world will implode. several of my friends had very good luck talking with moms that they respect, trust, & for which they agreed on parenting “style” in order to make a list of the best used/most used things (which of course will be subject to change once the babies arrive & show you a thing or two of their personalities/preferences.

    anyhow, i’ve prattled on enough (especially as a non-mom) but wish you luck int eh endavors of finding lots of good, reliable, cheap/new things as needed. also, don’t underestimate the community help of friends/family in sharing the burden & gifting you with things you will use& appreciate.


  6. You look so pregnant! I got my car seat off my brother – they’re one of those things you’re not supposed to buy used, so they’re also one of those things you shouldn’t sell used, which means if you know anyone that’s (probably) done having babies, they’re often happy to give it to you. The best registry/planning list I found was here: http://alphamom.com/pregnancy/our-ultimate-baby-registry-checklist/

    She also has an appropriately lighthearted week-by-week guide that features cartoons instead of scary alien photos.


  7. I don’t have a car recommendation, but we positively LOVE the Britax Marathon carseats. I’ve been using them for the past eight years and have no complaints!


  8. I second the Britax marathon! Many people I know swear by those infant carrier/carseats, but they’re SO heavy, and I couldn’t imagine carrying two. The Marathon lasts until the kid is like 60 pounds or something, and it’s really safe and comfortable. Also, we had it rearfacing in our little Jeep, and my 6’2″ husband could still put his seat all the way back. Come to think of it, we got our Jeep Patriot when I was in labor so we could be sure not to miss out on the Cash for Clunkers deal in 2009! It wasn’t our first choice vehicle, but we got a good deal… And it has lots of room for one baby, a huge dog, and a tall husband— and gets good mileage, for what it’s worth.

    I got tons of baby gear on craigslist, then sold it all for almost the same price when my kiddo outgrew it. The short lifespan of some of these things was unfathomable when I was pregnant. There are things that are totally essential, like couldn’t-live-without every single day, but it would be outgrown in 4 months! Like the infant swing. Or the cosleeper. So I got all this stuff, and NEEDEd all this stuff, but only for 100 days or so! It was so hard to think of my little baby in my belly growing so fast and outgrowing gear and clothes, but it happens.


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