The Southern Girl Academy


image via the Google LIFE photo archive.

Have you heard of the Southern Girl Academy? If not, well, bless your heart. A couple of my fabulous friends, Kerri and Savannah, created the SGA to share the sass, style, and charms of what it means to be a Southern girl with natives and non-natives alike. Each week, SGA features a new post from a fun new board member about some area crucial to “what it means to be F’ing Southern: Foundations,  Fixing Up, Fine Arts, Festivities, Fellowship Halls and Foreign Integration.” They’ve featured posts about food, fashion, football, the fine art of swearing, and more. I’m proud to be a board member, and this week, you can find my post on Southern literature, which is chock full of freaks, prophets, and ghosts, and is deeply rooted in the South as not just a place, but practically a character.


For folks who have landed here via the SGA post: welcome! You might be interested in a post I wrote recently about Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye, and the idea of beauty vs. ugliness.

2 Replies to “The Southern Girl Academy”

  1. The Southern Girl Academy is awesome. I’ve just spent 20 minutes reading old posts. Being a transplant from the West Coast, it’s been difficult for me to learn the ways of the South. Dresses to college football games? Surely you jest. Mint juleps? Hmm…I’m acquiring. The Academy will surely speed my education, all the while keeping me in stitches.


    1. TMae: so glad you like it! For me, dresses are all I wear in the warm weather. Honestly, they’re the coolest, breeziest, most comfortable thing you can wear in hot, humid, Southern summers. We’re not all fancy, we just like a bit of a breeze is all.


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