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I hope to make this a daily place to share links I’ve found interesting as I’ve browsed the net throughout my day. Perhaps this will make me less annoying to my Facebook friends who become weary of my constant shared links.

  • My love for Olympia Snowe grows as she discusses the Arlon Specter defection. I agree we need two strong parties in this country, and the future of the GOP is in moderation, not increasing white-wing radicalism.
  • Glenn Greenwald makes clear why Democrats should be wary of getting too excited about Arlen Specter defecting to their side. Sure, he gives us 60 votes to prevent filibusters. But other than that, he’s still a conservative (in the traditional sense of the word), and his defection only underscores both the fact that the Republican party has moved too far to the right for even some of it’s normal, conservative members, and that Democrats are willing to sacrifice electing a real Democrat from that district in 2010 in exchange for some fili-busting now.

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  1. How terrible it would be for Democrats if Republicans actually embraced the definition of conservatism and actually governed like it, you know limited government is an enticing thing to many people.


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