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Bus Stories

Image via Googles LIFE photo archive.

Image via Google’s LIFE photo archive.

This is a series of posts from my 3 years living in Charleston, SC, during which I rode public transit to work and my husband commuted by bike. I met a lot of interesting characters and had some strange encounters. These days, we’re living in Little Rock, and I have to do a lot more driving as I commute about 30 miles to grad school. My husband still commutes by bike, and we have one car. I miss the bus, weirdos and all.

3 thoughts on “Bus Stories

  1. I read about No Impact Man too, in some magazine or other. I was really really impressed. I try to be as ecological as I can but what would I do without showers and a fridge?!
    Where we live public transportation is pretty cheap but sometimes you have to be rather adventurous to take it. So far, I’ve been crammed against the door so tight I couldn’t move, I’ve fallen into somebody’s lap, I’ve take the wrong tram and had to walk all the way home and, most recently, I was sitting in my seat, listening to music and minding my own business when this guy started making weird faces at me to amuse his girlfriend.

  2. I’m only brand new, yet I came right to you – lovely.

    your blog site does all the things I wish mine did, but I’m struggling!

    so inspired here!

    any advice?

  3. These are great! Really take me back to when I lived in Chicago and took the bus and the train everywhere.

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