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My name is Sarah.  I live with my husband, twin girl toddlers, two dogs, and one not-so-Tinycat in Little Rock, Arkansas.

I blog about things I care about, including: parenting, sustainability and environmentalism, slow/ethical food, following Jesus/spirituality, gardening, cooking, sewing, feminism and gender issues, poverty, hunger, health/disease, social justice, peace, pet parenthood, marriage, my adventures in public transportation, politics, and the funny and poignant in everyday life.

About the name of this blog: Yes, I know I spelled “buffalo” differently than it is traditionally spelled.  This is because the name of the site, “Ernie Buff-lo” is exactly how I said the name when I gave it to myself as a small child.  B-U-F-F-L-O.

Header image credit: the amazing Whitney Loibner.

Just a note: everything written on this site is mine. I don’t mind being quoted, so long as the quotes are attributed and a link back to my original post is provided, and so long as entire posts aren’t taken wholesale. Sharing in the spirit of adding to, taking issue with, or commenting on things I’ve written is welcome, simply reposting my content is not.

This blog is not supported by sponsorship or advertising, but, though it doesn’t happen often, I will accept samples, products, services, and other forms of compensation from companies and organizations.  All opinions expressed on this blog are mine and mine alone, and if I talk about a product, it’s because I want to.  Currently, I do not accept compensation that comes with strings attached or require me to write about something or give a positive review.  Any time I have received compensation or a freebie in connection with a post, that content will be marked and that relationship fully disclosed.  I believe in openness, honesty, and authenticity, which are the standards for my life and my site.

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