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5 months


Technically the gals turned 5 months on August 28. So this may not be the most timely of posts, but I wanted to share the results of my little photoshoot with them (I’m going to eventually have a photo book of their monthly photos). I have zero photography skills and usually end up using my iPhone, so I’m lucky my subjects are adorable.

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Writer. Hugger of trees. Lover of food, literature, politics, feminism. Wife to @orzzyo. Mama to twins Etta & Claire, dogs Bessie & Olive, & one not-so-Tinycat.

6 thoughts on “5 months

  1. Darling. Just DARLING! You make such cute babies.

  2. zomg. “Little Rocker.” YES.

  3. Your girls are adorable!

  4. I love the way they look at each other!! Beautiful!!


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