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6 years


Today, I’m celebrating 6 years of marriage to my most favorite person in the world. What a crazy ride it’s been from this:

Jon and me the summer we met, in 2003. I was 18!


Image from the girls’ newborn photo shoot with the amazing Christen Byrd.

We’re going on a decade together, and I look forward to our continued adventures!

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Author: erniebufflo

Writer. Hugger of trees. Lover of food, literature, politics, feminism. Wife to @orzzyo. Mama to twins Etta & Claire, dogs Bessie & Olive, & one not-so-Tinycat.

3 thoughts on “6 years

  1. You two are so cute… love your little family of four! So funny seeing Jon’s facial hair through the years!
    Happy Anniversary!


  2. Love to all of you. Here’s to many more [years of mutton chops].

  3. Jon and Sarah, what an awsome picture. Love the expressions and B&W. Please e.mail it to me, if you don’t mind, when you have a chance!


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