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Let’s face it, although they’re getting much more interactive, there’s not a lot very nearly 4 month olds can do. And so I make them pose for ridiculous photo shoots. Because I can, and because the cute is unbearable. The theme of my most recent insanity? Baby animals. Admit it: twins in animal hats with stuffed animals equals the cutest thing you’ve seen in a while. Only thing that could make it cuter is if there were an actual baby animal in the photo. Unfortunately Tinycat wanted no part of these shenanigans (the babies probably wanted no part of them either, but they lack claws of fury and the ability to hide under things).

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Author: erniebufflo

Writer. Hugger of trees. Lover of food, literature, politics, feminism. Wife to @orzzyo. Mama to twins Etta & Claire, dogs Bessie & Olive, & one not-so-Tinycat.

4 thoughts on “little animals

  1. That is so cute, The last one looks like they are duking it out!

  2. So cute. I mean, come on. :)

  3. Tiny boy and girl twins in coordinating outfits of any kind make my heart soar. The animal hats are beyond cuteness!

  4. OMG, I’m an idiot. They are obviously two girls! Sorry! The blue threw me for a minute.


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