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our babies have a birthday!


Just a quick update on Etta and Claire: they’re not even born yet, but they have a birthday!

I saw my OB this morning for my now weekly monitoring, and the babies and I look great. She had spoken to the Maternal Fetal Medicine team about our last ultrasound, and they decided that to be on the safe side, we should plan to have the babies at 36 weeks.

So…..April 2 is BABY DAY! It’s completely surreal to think we’ll just go to the hospital, have a c-section, and have babies in our arms by lunchtime.

I feel it is an auspicious date because April 2, 2006 is the day Jon asked me to marry him. Now that happy day gets exponentially happier!

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8 thoughts on “our babies have a birthday!

  1. Hooray! April 2 is my birthday, too…and Kenton Adler’s. Watch out for headstrong Aries people!

  2. How exciting! Let the countdown to the bebes begin!

  3. Oooooh, 4/2/12 is a very nice birthday! I like dates that are all divisible by the same digit for some reason! BABY DAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

  4. nice! my friend will also (hopefully) be delivering twins on that date for her second surrogacy. her induction date is that day, as well.

  5. Oh wow. that’s the day before my brother’s birthday. yowza

  6. Wonderful, not long now. Hang in there!
    Love what you said about hope today x

  7. How exciting! Congratulations and wishing you a safe and healthy last few weeks!

  8. Yay! Hope everything goes well. Newborns are so much fun, prepare to love them so much!


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