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i lub my scrub


I’m married to a medical resident, which explains most of the circumstances of the following conversation, had with Jon who is a bit of a zombie after working a 30 hour shift.

Scrubs. By wenzday01 @ Flickr.

Scrubs. By wenzday01 @ Flickr.

Jon: “I hate the PICU.”

Me: “I thought you liked it? Just the other day you were telling me how much you like it!”

Jon: “That was before this week.  Can you think of anything you’d still like to do if you had to do it 80 hours a week?”

Me: thinks for a moment. “Um, nope.  Probably not even sex.”

Jon: “Exactly.”

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2 thoughts on “i lub my scrub

  1. Think of the chafing after 80 hours!!!

  2. geez, carrie! haha!


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